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Free Clinic in India Expanded and Upgraded

by: Stafford North | November 5, 2018

The newly upgraded Free Clinic in southern India is housed in a 5,000 square foot area that sits right on top of the church building! There are seven private areas in this facility: a reception area for patient registration and waiting area; two rooms in which physicians may see patients; a room for vision care; a room for dental clinic; a multipurpose operating room; and a larger room with beds in which patients can recuperate after surgeries.

3-zGN11-18-3BThe previous clinic was less than half the size of the new area.  The new rooms provide space for a fully equipped room to do any kind of dental procedure, a vision care room with refractometer and soon with a phaco machine for cataract surgeries, and an extended multipurpose surgical table with beds for patient recuperation.  Dr. Mani Pagidipalli is trying to recruit medical professionals from the USA to volunteer for short periods to serve in any area of the clinic.  Thus these doctors can be a part of God’s mission in India because as they assist at the clinic people are taught about the Bible and the church.

The clinic has served many needy patients by making medical assistance available.  This year thus far they have been able to help 7,631 patients through both the located facility and through mobile clinics. In 2017, they conducted 277 surgeries, 1510 dental procedures, and thirty cataract surgeries for the elderly. This year so far those numbers are 210 for surgeries, 1250 for dental care, and twenty-five cataract surgeries.

3-zGN11-18-3CThe clinic has ministered to people with tropical ulcers, leprosy, appendicitis, gallbladder problems, intestinal perforations, bone deformities, kidney problems, dental fillings and extractions, and cataracts for the elderly (there are thousands of these who need help). They have also treated malnutrition among children and women, typhoid, malaria, snake or insect bites, tuberculosis, diarrhea, dengue, chikungunya, and others. They also see people who have been injured in traffic accidents and in agricultural or construction work.

The activities of the clinic connect people with the church in several ways.

  1. They maintain a database of all the people that they see through the Free Clinics (both located and mobile), allowing for later contact.
  2. After conducting examinations, both physical and laboratory, they hand-deliver those reports to the patients at their home. That gives church members associated with the clinic the opportunity to build relationships with the patient’s entire family as well as with the local community.
  3. They follow up on patients periodically to maintain their relationship with them, to build friendships. and to show them unconditional love, thus demonstrating the love of Jesus.

The new facilities for this clinic in India certainly is good news for the work of the Lord being done there because the improved service will bring more to the knowledge of the truth.  To find more information or to contribute to this work, contact Dr. Pagidipalli’s sponsoring church, the Tuttle Church of Christ in Tuttle,  To reach him directly, go to