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Eggleston Booklet Prepares a Family for “The Journey Home”

by: Stafford North | September 6, 2017

Duane Eggleston, OC graduate of 1952, has preached for many years, been an elder at the Memorial Road Church of Christ, and has spent recent years especially working with older members of the church.  In these experiences, he has learned much about legal, personal, family, and spiritual needs as a person reaches that period near the end of his/her lifetime

From these experiences, Eggleston has written a booklet of twenty-two pages which lists those things that should be done in preparation for the time of passing.  While he provides a disclaimer about giving legal advice, the information has been extremely helpful to many through printed copies he has distributed.  To give the material a wider range of use, he has allowed us to post this booklet on the Oklahoma Christian Church Relations Website at  You are welcome to go there and read and/or download the material.  It would be very beneficial for someone in a congregation to download the booklet, make copies, and distribute it to those families who have people who are advancing in years.

The book deals with physical and spiritual caregiving as the person begins to fail, many matters which need to be handled in one’s later days, dealing with suffering and closing, and planning the funeral.  Everyone who is aging or has an aging family member will benefit from reviewing the many matters which need to be covered.

To give an idea of what some have said about the booklet, here are four quotations which we have permission to use.

From Robert Oglesby, longtime minister of the Waterview Church of Christ in Richardson, Texas:  “Your booklet called, The Journey Home, is a good job, well written.  Ministers need this intensely practical book on ministry.”

From B. J. Brocket, attorney at law in Oklahoma City:  “Duane Eggleston has put together a very important document, “The Journey Home,” that every member of the church needs to have in hand.  You should pay special attention to the legal section.”

Halliegh Brown, Registered Nurse from Oklahoma City:  “Duane Eggleston has written a very important ministry guide, “The Journey Home,” for confined patients.”

Dr. Russ Hannan, medical doctor and former elder in the church:  Duane draws from his wisdom and experience to provide an excellent practical guide for ministering to the anxious and ill in “The Journey Home.”

So it is good news that Eggleston has put together this very useful information for families, ministers, and elders, all of whom need to know about the many things that need to be done in preparation for
“The Journey Home.”  We are glad to make this information available without charge to our readers just by going to to download your own copy to read and to share.