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EEM Surpasses Over One Million in Distribution in 2017

by: Bob Burckle, President, EEM | February 6, 2018

Nearly 1.2 million Bibles and Bible-based literature were distributed by Eastern European Mission in 2017.  This accomplishment represents a fifty-nine percent increase over 2016.  This is unprecedented and is the first time in the history of EEM to pass the one million in distribution in a single year.  Wonders such as this are only achieved when God’s power is at work.

From September through the end of 2017, EEM’s donors generously met and exceeded our goal this year for the Million Dollar Sunday campaign by donating $2.3 million.  EEM’s financial partners continue to help us with printing, publishing, and distribution of Bibles and religious literature into Eastern Europe.    What a blessing it is for our contributors to help us achieve our vision – “The Bible, We Want Everyone to Get It.”

Former Communist bloc nations have been trying to escape atheism for decades.  Receiving Bibles and Bible-based literature continue to be their way out.  EEM gives books to individuals, families, youth camps, refugees, mission churches, public libraries, public schools, prisons, hospitals, orphanages, and wherever else people want to receive it. .

02.18GN1BEEM does not charge for their books.  The materials that they distribute are Bibles, Teen Bibles, Children’s Bibles, Large Print Bibles, Study Guides and Lessons in both print and eBook format.  New titles continue to be added every year as they get requests to expand their work in various languages for Bible study materials, songbooks, Christian living studies, and books to teach children about God.

Public schools and kindergartens in multiple Eastern European nations are requesting the Bible and are teaching God’s Word as part of a Christian-based curriculum.  Over fifty percent of public schools in Ukraine have Bibles provided by EEM, resulting in over four million students have access to the Bible.

Farsi and Arabic speaking refugees are now able to learn about the true God and His son Jesus, our Savior.  Over 100,000 Bibles and New Testaments have been distributed and soon EEM will have a Teen Bible for Arabic and Farsi speaking children.

Many throughout Eastern Europe are coming to know Jesus because they are able to read about Him in their own language.  That is indeed Good News!

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