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by: Stafford North | April 5, 2011

About ten years ago, the Bible faculty at Oklahoma Christian University embarked on a project to provide free teaching outlines for Bible School teachers in churches around the world. The plan sought to provide sets of thirteen teaching outlines (a standard Bible school quarter) on various Bible books and topics. These would be designed to provide a complete guide for teaching the classes so that even those with limited resources or experience would be able to lead an effective class.

To date, lessons on twenty-one topics have been prepared, two of which (Sharing Your Faith and Story of the Old Testament) are in both a high school and an adult version. The lessons on Christian Evidences and Choices that Determine Destiny are particularly designed for high school students. Many of the other sets of lessons are useful for both high school and adult groups.

The lessons cover the following books of the Bible: 1 and 2 Timothy, 1 Corinthians, 1 Peter, Acts, Daniel, Ephesians, Leviticus, Philippians, and Revelation. In addition to those mentioned above, there are sets of lessons on: Christ and His Church, Christian Home Builders, Evangelizing Your Community, Leadership Training, Make Your Worship Pleasing to God, Parables of Jesus, and Understanding Scripture. Some of the lessons have worksheets, follow-up quizzes, and PowerPoint.

As of this date there have been more than 59,000 downloads of the materials by 13,901 different people from all over the world. The lessons may be downloaded at no cost.

Seven different Oklahoma Christian Bible faculty have prepared lessons to post on Four remain as teachers at OC: Dr. Jim Baird, one set; Dr. John Harrison, two sets, Dr. Dudley Chancey, one set, and Dr. Stafford North, nine sets. Three of those preparing materials are no longer at OC: Dr. Curt Niccum, four sets, Dr. Don Hubbard, one set, and Dr. Glenn Pemberton, two sets.

Each year, OC Bible faculty members seek to add to the store of these materials which are intended to strengthen Bible classes all over the world.

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