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Disaster Assistance

by: Stafford North | January 8, 2019

1/1/18 We are continuing to help in Texas and Louisiana, purchasing supplies and materials to repair homes. Also supplying small appliances and bedding.

4/18 Mid April we started helping in Kauai Hawaii after the flooding/mudslides. We purchased supplies and helped furnish volunteers for 3500 meals and many other needed supplies. We are continuing to help there with supplies, tools and volunteers to help with cleanup.

5/24/18 We started helping on the Big Island Hawaii after the volcano eruption. Most days we have volunteers purchasing food, water, tools, tents, camping stoves, solar lights and many other needed supplies for those who have been evacuated.

6/28/18 We left for Mercedes/Harlingen/Weslaco TX. Over the next 4 weeks we handed out or delivered 20,485 meals, 2 semi loads of miscellaneous supplies and 1 semi load of water.

8/2/18 I flew into Sacramento CA , then drove 2 hrs to Redding to help with the Carr Fire. Over the next 3 plus weeks we handed out 4,956 meals, water, Gatorade & many truck and car loads of donated personal care items. Each meal and care bag we handed out contained information from the Alta Mesa and Anderson Church of Christ. Most of this was done from a distribution table we setup next to the FEMA and state disaster assistance office. The first week we delivered lunches to 5 hotels for fire evacuees that were staying there.

9/13/18 Left for North Carolina and Hurricane Florence. We decided to setup in Fayetteville at the Helen Street Church of Christ and open a distribution center. For the first few days we delivered meals to evacuees staying in hotels and taking meals and other supplies out to the communities in need. Then we started suppling food, cleaning supplies and other items to churches and groups within a 50 mile radius of Fayetteville. Most days we had 14-18 churches coming to Helen Street Church of Christ to pickup supplies to take back to their areas for those in need. We were there for 4 weeks and handed out a little over 20 semi loads of supplies and 24,338 meals. After meeting with the elders it was decided that we should head to Florida and Hurricane Michael.

10/11/18 Don and Rosemary left for Tallahassee where they met with Timberlane Church of Christ. After surveying several areas it was decided we would setup in Marianna Florida at a RV park which would give those in need easy access to food and supplies. Over the next few days, Don & Rosemary worked with Timberlane and Caverns Road Church of Christ delivering supplies and water door to door. I arrived in Marianna on 10/21 with our Mobile Headquarters and the generator trailer. We rented a pod and received a donated a 18x58 military tent which we setup as a distribution center for supplies for Marianna and other towns within around a 50 mile radius. As of 12/19 we have handed out 8 semi loads of supplies and lots of meals. We have also teamed up with other groups to cook and hand out meals.  So far we have handed out 63,538 meals/sandwiches. Also 12/15-16 we teamed with a group from Prattville Church of Christ to hand out toys and many other items. At the beginning of the year we will also start helping with materials and small appliances.

Also for the past few weeks we have been helping with the Camp Fire in Paradise California. We have purchased and shipped blankets, sleeping bags, cot pads, heaters, pillows and many different small appliances.

Since we know where the need is and have volunteers or contacts to help get the work done, churches who wish to donate for disaster relief may donate to us. We post updates with photos so you or your members can recognize what their donations are doing.  For more information go to