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Corpus Christi Church Uses Kindness Campaign

by: Stafford North | June 11, 2018

The Kings Crossing Church of Christ in Corpus Christi, Texas, has embarked on a kindness blitz by asking its members to do random acts of kindness.  Mark Adams, pulpit minister, had the idea and has been encouraging members to participate.

06-18GN3AAdams has developed eight different acts of kindness and has a card to represent each one.  As the person does the act of kindness, he or she hands the person helped a card with that act of kindness listed and on the card is a web address to which they can go to learn more.  The web address is just  When people go there, they find the church website where they can learn more about the kindness campaign and about the church.

As church members complete the act of kindness, they are encouraged to quote a 06-18GN3Bscripture verse which has inspired such an act.  The members are given a card with a list of the eight types of acts being suggested with a passage shown with each.  Hopefully, each member will want to complete all eight types of activities.  If the 350 members of the congregation all do eight acts of kindness, the impact on the community would be huge.

The church hopes to achieve four important outcomes through this campaign.  (1) The community in which they live will become a kinder place not only with the church members acting kindly but because of the example they set for others.  (2) People will be favorably impressed with what the church is doing and will want to know more about it.  (3) Church members will continue to be kind from having practiced it so often.  (4) Church members will become more willing to engage others in conversation and thus will be more likely to start conversations with them about the church.

06-18GN3CEach of the eight types of conversations has a name and a card to go with it.

  • Door Drop—hold the door open for ten people and then give the card to the last one of the ten so they can pass it on.
  • Food Surprise—pay for the person behind you in the drive through lane at a restaurant and leave the card for them and wish them an awesome day.
  • Smiley—find someone who, for some reason, makes you happy and tell them why and give them the card.
  • Ain’t my birthday—give someone a small gift for no reason and then give them the card.
  • Class Act—look for someone with a terrific attitude and give them the card to let them know they’ve got class.
  • Mega Tip—at a restaurant, give your server a really big tip and then give them the card so they know you appreciate them.
  • Parenting Win—find someone whose child is being exceptionally well behaved and give them the card.
  • Line Swap—give your place in line to the person behind you and then give them the card so they can do this for someone else.

For more information about this program, contact Mark Adams at