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Church Related Children’s Home Raises Funds Through Auctions

by: Stafford North | June 12, 2012

The Mountain States Children’s Home, located on 155 acres near Longmont, Colorado, has found a way to raise funds for its program that might be useful to others. These funds, along with other support, allow them the opportunity to meet the physical needs of their children while also healing their hurts, challenging their minds, and teaching them moral principles. This home, founded over fifty years ago, is the northern-most children’s home among those supported primarily by members of churches of Christ.

To help provide the financial support of the home, Executive Director Randy Schow says they hold three auctions a year. In April and September of each year, they conduct Bargain Auctions in which they make available some used and some new donated items such as furniture, patio sets, pool tables, lawn mowers, table saws, appliances, house wares of all kinds, antiques, television sets, gas grills, and more. These items come from individuals who want to help the home and from businesses which need to clear their stores of items used as floor models or which have gone out of date.

With hundreds of things available, getting ready is quite a chore. Churches such as the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Oklahoma City send a team of volunteers to assist with getting everything ready. Typically, the home will net about $8,500 from each of the two Bargain Auctions.

Once a year in October, the Mountain States Home has a different type of auction called a Benefit Auction which includes a meal and lasts from 5:30 p.m. until about 9 p.m. This auction, held in the Longmont Plaza Hotel, displays about 220 items which are new and nicer items such as art work vacation get-a-ways horse-back riding, jewelry, television sets, furniture, tools, luggage, quilts, car maintenance, and more. The 200 attending this auction pay $75 for a couple to be part of the evening, which includes the meal and an opportunity to bid on the items. Things to be auctioned are typically donated by local businesses who want to support the home. This annual auction usually nets about $48,000 for the home.

There are thirty-seven brotherhood residential children’s homes across the nation. All of them provide an important service in caring for youth who need assistance. Mountain States, which receives funds from churches and individuals, uses auctions to augment its support and has been very successful in providing for some of the support it needs. Their experience in using auctions might be helpful to other such homes.
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