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Christian Chronicle Wins Top National Awards—Again

by: Stafford North | June 10, 2017

Information taken from “The Christian Chronicle earns top honors for print, online” in the Chronicle for June 2017.

06.17GN4AThe Christian Chronicle, a monthly publication to share news about things happening among churches of Christ in order to inform, inspire, and unite, “earned top honors for the third consecutive year in the ‘Best of the Church Press’ contest sponsored by the Associated Church Press.   For the third year in a row,  the Chronicle received the first-place Award of Excellence in the ‘Best in Class’ category for national and international newspapers.

The Chronicle, which has 260,000 monthly print readers and 27,000 who receive its bi-monthly email newsletter, gained fourteen awards for content published in 2016.  Among these awards were a first place awards for the following:  (1) its bi-monthly electronic newsletter published by Chellie Ison and Tonya Patton; (2) the story “Maid in Hong Kong” by Erik Tryggestad which told of an Asian congregation that has created a community of faith for domestic workers from the Philippines; (3) a news story about the GOP primaries and faith-based voters by Bobby Ross, Jr.; and (4) coverage of a youth conference in Cambodia by Erik Tryggestad.  Other items won second and third place awards.

Named in the Best in Class citation were Lynn McMillon, president/CEO; Erik Tryggestad, editor; Bobby Ross Jr., chief correspondent; Chellie Ison, digital news editor; Tonya Patton, advertising manager; Lynda Sheehan, administrative assistant; Joy McMillon, administrative assistant; Melinda Wilson, administrative assistant; Louise Beyer, staff accountant; Bailey McBride, editor emeritus, and Katie Jones, intern.

Since 2007, the Chronicle has won eighty-seven national ACP awards and has been recognized as belonging in the “Best in Class” category for eleven consecutive years.  This year’s award is the fifth time the Chronicle has received first place honors.  One judge on this year’s panel commented “The Christian Chronicle is consistently well planned, written, edited, and produced.”

As reported in a different story in the June, 2017, issue, Lynn McMillon mentioned difficulties during the year which included having to change companies and locations for printing the paper.  The only press in Oklahoma now able to publish newspapers like the Chronicle is in Tulsa and this has complicated the work of the Chronicle which is a subsidiary of Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City.  But, in spite of such difficulties, the Chronicle continued to hold to its high standards and to do well in competition with its peers.

It is certainly good news that this publication among churches of Christ is so well done and so well respected among the religious press.  To contact the Chronicle, to subscribe either to the print or email version, or to contribute to its work, go to