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by: Stafford North | November 8, 2016

So far this year the website has drawn over 110,000 unique visitors who have downloaded approximately 120,000 of its video lessons and over 10,000 copies of the eBooks listed in its book section. This resource is made available through the Choctaw Church of Christ in Choctaw, Oklahoma, and is written, directed and produced by Mike Mazzalongo and Hal Gatewood. The site features over twenty sets of topical Bible lessons each containing thirteen individual thirty-minute sessions with titles like “The Life of Christ in Chronological Order” or “Grace in the Book of Romans.” In addition to these, there are fifteen line-by-line textual studies on different books of the Bible including a thirty-one lesson video series on the Gospel of John, a fourteen lesson series on Hebrews, and a nine lesson series on Galatians; to name just three.

11-16GN3BEach series contains videos with Mazzalongo actually teaching a live class with the use of PowerPoint along with class worksheets which can be downloaded and printed out for use by students. The website also has hundreds of video sermons and shorter devotional messages as well as full length eBooks, tract-like “Mini Books,” and articles for use in bulletins dealing with all kinds of topics from a biblical perspective.

Mazzalongo, who has thirty-seven years of full-time ministry experience, has served as a missionary in Canada, pulpit minister for several congregations in the U.S. and Canada, and Dean of Students at Oklahoma Christian University, from which he graduated in 1984.  Currently, he is the Education and Media Minister for the Choctaw church.  He and Hal Gatewood, a deacon working in communications and media, produce the material using a studio, classroom, and auditorium settings at the Choctaw church building.11-16GN3C

Over ninety percent of the 13,000 congregations of Churches of Christ in the United States have less than 150 members, and many of these have no full-time minister. is designed to meet the needs of these smaller churches who lack well qualified teachers. Through the use of these materials, a church can provide sound Bible instruction for classes, Sunday services, small groups and private study, all at no cost since the material is completely free to download and distribute. This is possible because the ministry is supported as a mission work by many churches and individuals who see the importance and need to strengthen smaller congregations and works located at various mission points.

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