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Amazing News From the Glyfada Church of Christ in Athens Greece!

by: Written by Dino Russos | April 1, 2019

Spring is beautiful and we praise God for His mighty creative power and the beautiful universe He made for us to enjoy!!!   The Glyfada church of Christ in Athens is developing and growing and new people come every week to our services.

In the month of February, four more souls were baptized into Christ. Tina, Marios, Reza, and his wife. We are amazed to see young people and men and women, educated and uneducated from Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Turkey, Iraq and other nationalities being baptized into Christ.

2-zGN04-19-2BMarios is from Moldavia and has been in Greece for more than fifteen years now. He has studied law and speaks Romanian, Russian, Greek and English.  I know him and I have had the opportunity to study the Word of God with him for more than 15 years. Recently he started attending our Russian speaking congregation at Glyfada where he studied more about baptism with Leonid. Two Sundays ago, after the Greek service in the morning, he was baptized into Christ.

Tina is a young lady who was baptized last Sunday. She was already assisting in our Sunday school by translating from English to Farsi. Now she has given her life to the Lord.  She wants to follow in His steps. Tina has great potential. She wants to teach the children and to get involved in other ministries of the church. She speaks Farsi (Persian) very good English, and she also speaks Turkish. The Lord can use her in the future wherever she may go to live and bring the good news of salvation to those in darkness.

Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 5 to 6 in the evening I have the privilege to answer questions publicly that the new visitors are asking at the church building.  Then from 6 to 7 p.m. we preach the Word during our worship service. On most Sundays, our auditorium is FULL. We are so very happy to see people asking some amazing questions.

Bart Rubinsky from EEM in Vienna came to Athens for three days to visit in Athens with brother Dimitrios Argyropoulos, the representative of EEM for the Balkan countries. We had a good and productive time together while visiting, praying, and planning.  Bart also visited with church leaders and Christian organizations in Athens concerning Bible distribution. EEM is spreading the Word of God to many people all over the world.

Ibrahim is a young man from Iran who has great desire to teach Jesus and the Bible to his countrymen. He is twenty-seven years old and participates actively in our services and ministries. He leads singing, prayers, the Lord’s Supper, and last Sunday he gave a short message.

Another young man is Kevin and is helping a lot. He is learning Greek and speaks perfect French and English. He is gifted and we do hope that he will assist in our ministry in the near future.

The Lord is blessing our work in Athens in so many ways we could never have imagined.  To contact Dino Roussos about the work in Athens, go to