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Albuquerque Christian Childen’s Home Serves Many

by: Stafford North | July 17, 2012

The Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home, begun in 1970 by members of churches of Christ, has cared for hundreds of at-risk children during its years of operation. Their facility can care for about twenty children at a time in a family setting. The home’s goal is to nurture, guide, and inspire children, as their webpage says, “to be honest, have a healthy self-image, and to put God first in their lives.” The home has its own supervisory board, all of which are members of the churches of Christ.

The home has a campus of six acres on which they have three cottages for housing the school-aged children in their care. Two of the cottages, each of which has a married couple who care for ten children three weeks of the month. The third cottage is a relief cottage, with its own married couple, in which children from the other cottages spend one week a month to provide a break for their supervising couple in the other cottages.
The house parents take the children to church with them each week at some nearby church of Christ.

ACCH receives donations from churches and, in addition, they also raise funds through savings cans, contributions from individuals, and an annual auction. Last December, their auction raised over $170,000 with items donated by individuals and businesses.

Two or three times a year, a church youth group comes to help with improvements on the campus. The Memorial Road Church of Christ in Oklahoma City, for example, has taken groups of twenty-five to sixty from their youth ministry to help at ACCH each of the last four years. These young people help to make the campus safer and more beautiful They have planted trees, put in a sprinkler system, fixed roofs, built sidewalks, made the dam at the pond stronger, put up retaining walls, and laid rocks along a waterway. They also have some contact with the children who stay there to encourage them and to show their support.

The work of Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home, like many homes operated by members of churches of Christ, helps children in need, whom Jesus taught we should care for. And such homes offer an opportunity for many others to lend a helping hand to make their campus more safe, more beautiful, and more functional. We applaud all of those who serve in any way to bless the lives of youth who need our assistance.

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