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540 Attend Fellowship Meeting in Kenya

by: David Marube | September 6, 2017

Our three-day Annual Fellowship meeting for Churches of Christ in Kisii ended in style—with eight baptisms.  We were honored to host the fellowship meeting which brings together members from over thirty congregations in the Kisii area.  We sing together, pray together, eat together, study God’s word together, and do lots of activities together.


Only members of the church with their families are expected to attend but some non-Christians also attend and this becomes a great opportunity for us to show them the love of Christ.  In this year’s meeting, eight made a decision to obey the gospel and I administered the baptism at our new baptistery at Nyamue.  Six of those who were baptized will be worshiping with us at Nyamue since they are from our community.  Three of the six have been coming to church and I have been studying with them the word of God.

We had to hire 100 plastic chairs for the three days as the ones we have at church are not enough.  We had 210 adults, sixty youths, and 270 children in attendance.  The theme for the sessions was “Serving God in Your Church.”

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