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November Good News Tells of Success with the Gospel Chariot in Africa, Disaster Relief in the US, BibleTalkTV Going Around the World, and a Wonderful Friend Day at a Small Church.

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In Good News each month we love to tell great stories about the spread of the gospel around the world and this month we have four articles describing very different ways of doing great good in many different nations.  The Gospel Chariot story tells of mobile trailers going to many places in Africa to have mission meetings.  Another story tells how disaster relief can offer an opportunity for a local church.  BibleTalktv is a great resource which many are using to find information and class lessons to use on a wide variety of topics, and the final story tells of a highly successful friend day in a small Texas church.  Hope you will read the stories and share them with others on your personal email list or your church email list.  If you have a story idea, please contact  As usual, we will not do a Good News newsletter in December but will have one in January of 2017.