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What is "Good News?"

Oklahoma Christian University has long sought to provide services to churches and to individual Christians as it seeks to advance the cause of Christ.  The University was founded in 1950 primarily to train young people from churches of Christ for ministry and for various professional fields.  We have, however, also provided services to churches through our annual lectureship, summer camps, seminars, publications, teaching materials, and more.

In December of 2009, the Church Resources Department of the University began publishing a monthly newsletter called Good News with Stafford North as the editor.  This publication gathers four or five stories each month about good things happening among churches of Christ around the world and tells those stories to encourage people about the church and to provide ideas about the work of churches from which others could learn. 

The response to Good News has been very positive.  It now has an email list of about 15,000 to which it sends each issue directly.  Many churches and organizations with additional email lists add another 30,000 or so to those who get a monthly reminder to take a look at the new issue.

To submit a story to Good News, sent it to