What's What When the Progress Bars Stop

Posted more than a year ago.

On the cusp of yesterday’s long post, I’m going to try to keep today’s entry short and sweet. And since I answered a question you asked yesterday, I’d like to answer one you haven’t asked today (but I’m sure you’re about to).

“The progress bars haven’t moved much since the first few days. What’s happening now?”

Great question, my hypothetical friend. When we say we’re transparent and that we’re going to show you all the internal gears of Thrive, why the radio silence on most projects but DAH?

Here’s my now trademark answer followed by another answer:

You don’t want to know everything. If I piped you in on every minor budget change, every project consideration, and every movement of our team and donors to make it all happen, we’d all be overwhelmed in a heartbeat. As one of my colleagues, Dr. Bill Goad, put it recently: “we’d give you information whiplash.” And we love you way too much to do that.

I personally believe the key to healthy transparency isn’t in telling someone everything, but in being honest and forthright about why you don’t tell them everything. That’s not me being guarded; that’s me being respectful of your time, mine, and our collective sanity. If you ask the question, I’ll definitely answer (and with a smile, too!). In the meantime, though, to keep you relatively whiplash-free, I’ll give you peeks at the gears when it makes most sense and will be of the most meaning to you. Feel the love?

Now, regarding the real question you didn’t ask—what have we been doing? We’ve been building project proposals, refining budgets, designing marketing materials, and connecting with donors. You’ve seen the philosophical outcomes of these projects come out in this blog. You’ve also seen some of the marketing projects (if you missed it, check out our first Thrive “In Progress” banner in DAH). Believe it or not, I intend to share some of the budget line items with you, too.

I can’t name names on the donor-front, of course, but I can tell you that our President and Vice President for Advancement are meeting with generous families and organizations regarding the projects on Thrive: Year One. As you read this right now, several someones out there are chewing on philanthropic possibilities that OC has put before them.

And the moment they finish chewing, you might just see a progress bar dance.

Until then, keep checking in, keep praying that our plans and our visits with donors go well, and have faith that while the front-page menu might look calm, our gears are moving a mile a minute.