U-Dining Sets the Table for Seven Figure Success

Posted more than a year ago.

It’s been quiet on the Thrive Blog front. “What’s happening?!” you’re thinking. “Where’d you go?!”

Well, I ventured to the west coast for some business. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I was too exhausted most nights to put my sentences together in a way worthy of your readership.

But I’m back now and much has happened. (My absence often has that effect!) We’re finishing construction on the new and improved DAH Auditorium, Das Millicanhaus is coming together, our new A/V systems are up in Hardeman and Judd, Ethos media is out across campus, and more. I’ll share details with you on those projects later in the week. 

Right now, though, I’m coming to you with some other news. Big news. Seven figure big.

For the second time in just two weeks, some very generous someones have committed $1,000,000 to a project in Thrive. This time the project is our Campus Café Reboot (!!). And the someones are none other than our own food service partners, U-Dining.

The cafeteria redesign is a mouth-watering prospect for most of our students and prospective students (and me). And it’s wonderfully fitting that the team that gets our taste buds tingling at dinnertime is the same team to set the proverbial table for our new and improved Café.

Kenny, Kurt, Lauren, Mike – the dinner table is a special place for so many families; thanks for making ours a special one, too. I’m not even sure how you do it, but you always give us much more than just good food. You make us feel at home.

When your new digs open, my first order of business will be to raise a glass (of juice) to you!

More on this delicious reboot soon.