Thrive Featured in The Oklahoman

Posted more than a year ago.

At the heart of any university campaign is an interest in engaging and investing in the civic community. We want families and businesses across the Oklahoma City metro area (and beyond) to hear about the high-impact, innovative efforts happening at Oklahoma Christian. Moreover, we want to make sure those efforts are meaningful—truly “impactful”—to the men, women, and kids who call Oklahoma City and Edmond “home.”

Speaking personally, fabricating interest in Thrive is not my desire. I want our greater Oklahoma City family to be engaged with Thrive because the efforts of this Campaign and the outcomes those efforts will drive among our students—their families and careers, their influence on culture, their positive impact on local businesses, and so on—are of legitimate, powerful meaning to our community.

And I believe they are.

I’m excited to share with you a wonderful opening story from The Oklahoman today, which articulates so much of what makes Thrive unique and showcases some of the exciting collaboration we’re seeing with the community in our first few days of the Campaign.

Many thanks to The Oklahoman’s Kathryn McNutt for visiting with us earlier this week. What a joy to have the paper (whose story so directly intertwines with OC’s history and the success of so many of our previous community campaigns) on campus. Come back anytime, Kathryn!


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