The Backyard Club: What's the Password?

Posted more than a year ago.

The 2,400 square feet of grass that sit behind my house aren’t much to speak of. If you stepped out my back door this afternoon, you’d find a weather-worn shed, some cracked pavement, a leaky faucet, and more than a weed or two. It’s a humble plot that, if dropped into the wilds of the free market today, might seem totally unremarkable.

But it is remarkable.

This is how we roll in our backyard.

I don’t know what magic lives just behind our houses, but the backyard is a special place. And if you were to look closer at mine, you’d see some of the reasons why. A half-full birdfeeder, where my wife and kids watch a menagerie of winged wonders come and go every morning (that’s how my three-year-old puts it). Some discolored grass from where my daughter and I pitched a tent last weekend. Some scattered nubs of chalk, the recent tools behind a sidewalk masterpiece. A beaten and bruised yellow slide, the first “height” my daughter ever braved solo. A sooty fire pit, where we recently made s’mores. A patch of dirt, spotted with little green sprigs, the fruits of my kids’ labor on their first garden.

A picnic table, a sandbox, a grill, a dog house, a plethora of plastic kitties and trucks—all signs and reminders of life happening in this special place. If your backyard’s like mine, it’s filled with rich memories and stories of family and friends.

Ever Been to My Backyard?

Speaking of family and friends, have you ever been to my backyard? Have you seen, firsthand, the weeds and wonders I’m talking about?

Probably not.

That’s partly because you just haven’t had the opportunity (c’mon over!), but that’s also because we really don’t invite that many people into our backyards, do we? The pizza guy makes it to the porch. Acquaintances make it to the entryway or the couch. That family “you should really know better” might make it to the kitchen or the dining room. Friends make it to the backyard.

OC’s Backyard

What does all this backyard talk have to do with OC? Well, my good friend, Aimee Brown, has been working this year on a new giving group called the Backyard Club. And, as its name implies, it’s a remarkable space, specially built for our closest friends and family.

What is the Backyard Club?

Every person who enrolls to give automatically to OC each month (to any project at any level) is a member of the Backyard Club. They have an exclusive claim to “Club” status. (If this were a real backyard, they’d have the password to the treehouse and be mostly safe from water balloons.) They get super cool Club tees, special updates, and (in the future) invites to “backyard” events.

Why the Exclusivity?

In some ways, monthly giving is the easiest way to invest at OC. Pick your project, set your amount, and let it go. You don’t even have to remember to give after that.

But, easy as it may be, committing to a monthly gift is one of the more remarkable things you could do for Oklahoma Christian. It’s a big deal. Not only do you help give us a regular stream of donations that we can rely on for our students, but you also show us a powerful and encouraging trust—that what we do at OC is valuable and worthwhile this month and every month.

Backyard Clubbers just “get it,” as they say. They know OC’s far from perfect, but that we’re reaching for important, Kingdom things all the time. And Clubbers are in love with those important, Kingdom things.

Join the Club

Monthly giving isn’t for everyone—and if you’re giving in other ways, you’re awesome—but it might just be for you. And, if it is, we’d be overjoyed to kick open the gate, light up the grill, and whisper you the password.

You can join online right now at or you can learn more at if you have questions, email me:

See you out back!