Tell Me How You Really Feel

Posted more than a year ago.

We’re starting to receive some really wonderful and constructive feedback on Thrive. Not all of that feedback is positive, but, as ironic as it may sound, that’s a very good thing. When we receive criticism on anything we do as a university, it tells me three very important things:

  1. You are watching what we do.
  2. You are invested in what we do.
  3. You see value in sharing your perspective on OC’s present and future.

When it comes to spreading the word about mission and building an engaged and thoughtful community, those three factors are essential. If you don’t know, care, or want to be involved…then OC can’t Thrive. That’s the simple truth.

Plus, your feedback continues to drive the work of Oklahoma Christian in a number of ways. In fact, the style, process, and presentation of Thrive were all built on input from the OC family. This campaign is unprecedented in its creativity, transparency, and timing precisely because our community asked us to bravely do things differently.

And that’s going to be our mode of operation throughout Thrive. If you ask the question, float the idea, or raise the concern, we will respond—and we’ll do so prayerfully and based on sincere efforts to raise our gaze above the trees and out into the forest.

So if you ever hear me say “tell me how you really feel,” that’s a sincere request.

Case in point: I’m about to respond (as best I can) to some early concerns on Thrive. You can read about those in my next blog post.

Love you, friends!