Teasing Out Our Touting Targets (Pt 1)

Posted more than a year ago.

Beyond strategic focusing and financial impact, one of the major goals of any campaign is positive press. You want the community to see what great, legitimate work you’re doing. You also want the community to see respected and recognizable families and businesses getting on board—investing their time, talent, and treasure in your cause.

As a result, campaign marketing often comes down to touting. Tout your past. Tout your future. Tout your progress. And tout the donors who make it all happen.

Now I don’t love bragging or braggers (who does?), but I do see the value in this touting process. We’re busy people and the world around us is crowded and noisy. If we’re not telling the OC story openly and often, how will people know to invest here, to send their students here, to apply to work here, to bring their camps or volunteer programs here, and more?

I’ve heard it said that OC is one of the “best kept secrets in Oklahoma.” And, while I love the sentiment, I hate the reality of that statement. We have a world-changing story to tell here. Let’s tell it!

But let’s also consider how we target our touting. In campaigns past we’ve done a good job of telling the OC story in all the “right places”: the civic community, the higher education community, our trustees and major donors, and our alumni. However, in embracing many marketing best practices, we’ve often overlooked one incredibly important group of OC movers and opinion-leaders: our on-campus family.

In my posts later this week I’d like to tell you why I think that’s happened and why we’re doing things differently this time.

In the meantime, I’d like to leave you with some exciting physical evidence of our new internal storytelling process. The witty banners below have gone up outside various campus locations impacted in Thrive Year One. The banners will showcase projects “IN PROGRESS” until we physically mark them “COMPLETE”—giving our campus family quick, fun insight into campaign progress and priorities.

Just seeing these banners around OC makes my heart happy. If you’re on campus soon, check them out!


Thrive Banner - Benson Hall

Benson Hall - Showcasing the Strategic Planning Fund ($250,000)

Thrive Banner - International Programs

Heritage Plaza - Showcasing the Das Millicanhaus Renovation ($350,000)

Thrive Banner - Garvey

Garvey Center - Showcasing Hardeman HD ($64,000) and Ethos ($1M)

Thrive Banner - Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life Office - Showcasing Ethos ($1M)

Thrive Banner - Judd

Garvey Center - Showcasing Judd HD Upgrade ($64,000)