Taking "TBD" to "D," No Better Way to Start the Week

Posted more than a year ago.

Investments Assured/Projects TBD” is easily the most confusing and ambiguous menu item in all of Thrive. You may have eyeballed it a time or two and thought:

“What’s the goal? And where’s the progress bar?”

“Why does the number go up AND down?”

“…And what on earth is OC doing with all this money?”

All incredibly valid questions. It’s difficult to nail down this category precisely because it really isn’t one. This menu item isn’t so much a “project” as it is a holding tank for commitments we receive from visionary, hands-on donors, who desire flexibility in directing their gifts to the most crucial and momentum-building needs at OC as they arise.

We publish these undesignated gifts for you to see, but since we don’t yet know where the dollars might specifically land, they live in this “TBD” space. That is until special days like today…

Today we get to celebrate the first momentous moves from this category! After discussing several projects with our team, one of our donor families has made the wonderful decision to commit $455,700 of their gift:

This means you’ll see the “TBD” category drop by $455,700 and these other categories jump by the amounts above. In the case of Hardeman, this also means we have the pleasure of marking yet another project funded.

It’s an exciting way to start the week! Watch for more details soon as we dive right into these two efforts. And, though I haven’t mentioned their names, please join me in giving a celebratory shout for this special donor family.

You can survive on dollars, but you can only Thrive with family. Thanks to all of you reading this for being ours!