Prepared to Plan

Posted more than a year ago.

Planning for the future takes time and costs money. Market studies, architectural drawings, engineering design, environmental surveys--all of these things require up front investment. This means, in today's fast-changing higher ed culture, Oklahoma Christian must be prepared to fund these planning projects BEFORE taking action...and action has to happen quickly.

The Strategic Planning Fund is foundational to Thrive. It's hard to pinpoint what the money will go to, exactly. It could provide engineering capital for our Campus Cafe Reboot or architectural planning funds for our Nursing move. What's not hard to pinpoint is that money's value. This is the start-up fund; without it, the plans never get off the ground.

It makes sense, then, that our Strategic Planning Fund would be one of the first Thrive projects tackled right out of the gate. And guess what? Consider it tackled.

Thanks to a generous OC family, $250,000 is in and working to get our first fast-acting, momentum-building Thrive efforts up and go, go, going.

Watch for more as plans come in. Love you, friends.