Oklahoma Christian Women's Association

Oklahoma Christian Women's Association is a volunteer group with a goal of supporting and promoting the educational programs of Oklahoma Christian University.

Since its beginning in 1955 the group has contributed more than $1 million in equipment, materials and funds to enhance the program of the University. This figure does not include the countless hours of time and effort committed to the University.

OCWA 2010

Our Purpose

  1. To cooperate with the University in support of the basic aims and ideals of Christian education. As a university, Oklahoma Christian continues to hold to its Christian principles while offering the best education available for its students.
  2. To strengthen the program of the University by making regular investments in the work of the University an in the improvement of its facilities. The need for financial assistance is greater today than ever before. There is a continual need for the improvement of our facility for the present and future needs of our students.
  3. To assist the University in recruiting the type of student who can best profit by the services of such an institution. Local chapters are asked to encourage prospective students by keeping them informed of special events and activities on campus which can help acquaint them with Oklahoma Christian. Recruitment parties for junior high school students is a great way to encourage future students. The University is happy to supply speakers or entertainment for these events.
  4. To foster a spirit of fellowship among the women who are interested in the development in education. The women who make OCWA come from all walks of life. Some are professional women, some are homemakers, some are young and some are older, but they all have one thing in common. They each have a love for the Lord and a strong desire to contribute to the work at Oklahoma Christian.

Some Of Our Accomplishments
Through its volunteer efforts, OCWA has been involved in practically every academic division or campus department. Whether the need has been large or small, OCWA has been a strong source of support for meeting the needs of the University.

The gifts of the Oklahoma Christian Women's Association over the years are far too many to include completely. Just a few of those contributions are:

  • An activity bus

  • The brick wall in front of the Mabee Learning Center

  • Lighting for the tennis courts

  • Redecorating and furnishing administrative offices

  • Computers for academic divisions and administration areas

  • Furniture for residence halls

  • Books for the library

  • Sound equipment and microphones for performing groups

  • Media equipment

  • Athletic uniforms and KOCC basketball broadcasts

  • Microscopes

  • Microwave ovens

OCWA has provided lawn mowers to Oklahoma Christian University, which has helped with the maintenance of OC's attractive campus.

OCWA has raised money to purchase new athletic uniforms for our athletes, as well as contributed to the KOCC basketball broadcasts.

OCWA has also influenced the students' success at OC, in that they have provided computer equipment and helped keep OC up-to-date with the changing economy.

OCWA has provided furniture and other furnishings to various locations on campus to help improve the working atmosphere for students and faculty at Oklahoma Christian University.

OCWA has helped raise funds to improve the OC campus community, by various activities such as craft fairs and homecoming booths. They have made quilts and other crafts, sold them and used all of the profits for the purpose of creating a better environment for OC students, faculty, staff and the community.