How Many Fundraisers Does it Take? (AKA What Happened to the CFO?)

Posted more than a year ago.

At Oklahoma Christian, we’re blessed with a very close-knit community. Eagles the world over know each other and care about what’s happening in each other’s lives.

For example, many of you reading this right now know and love our dear friend, Jeff Bingham (’88). Jeff has served as OC’s Chief Financial Officer for over a decade, managing the university’s finances through three leadership changes and the nationwide economic crash of 2007.

Jeff BinghamA very proud Eagle (believe me, he wears OC gear almost nonstop), Jeff has been passionate about building productive, collaborative relationships with many important banks and vendors. And he’s laid the groundwork for an incredible future for his alma mater.

If you know Jeff and co.—Sherry, Hannah (’14), Alec, and Becca—you most certainly also know how loved the Binghams are on this campus. We often call OC “home” and the Binghams are family!

You may be wondering then about the recent post on our HR page for an opening in the CFO role. “Where’s Jeff going?!” you’re thinking. Well, I’m overjoyed to report that Jeff’s journey—while certainly not easy—will only be about 250 yards.

To bolster our ranks as we dive into Thrive, Jeff is making the heroic transition into becoming a Major Gifts Officer. “I've had a couple of people ask me where I'm going,” Jeff says. “I'm happy to report that I'm alive and Thriving with OC, even after 16+ years managing the books…I'm proud to be joining the Advancement Team this fall to assist in Thrive. Until then, I have one more fiscal year end and audit to survive in summer 2014, so check out OC's Human Resources page and let us know if a future in Kingdom-based higher ed finance is calling you!”

Jeff will continue to coordinate Business Office functions at OC through August, even as he dabbles in Thrive, and will join our team full-time in the fall!

Gary MasonBut Jeff isn’t the only new (old?) kid in town on the Advancement Team. Gary Mason has also joined us as a Major Gifts Officer. Already a few weeks on the job and there’s no doubt Gary is a born relationship builder with a passion for the Kingdom-centric work happening here at OC.

Gary comes to OC from a career in medical sales. He and his wife, Leslie, are longtime members at the Memorial Road Church of Christ. They have two daughters, McKenzie and Macy (’11), and a brand new son-in-law, Jacob White (’12). They’re an Eagle family through and through, and we’re thrilled to have them on the Thrive train!

Join us in welcoming Jeff and Gary. And pray for them as they begin this new adventure in Thriving.