Homeward Pride

Homeward Pride 


2016-17 Homeward Pride Champions: Delta Gamma Sigma!

In 2014, Homeward Pride was born, dwelling in the hearts of proud club alums. The premise was simple: Let's put alumni participation in the hands of our clubs.

We expected good things from Homeward Pride (you always do good things). What we didn't expect? Launching club mission efforts, growing scholarships, funding student mentoring programs, making home for international students, and more. And we crowned two clubs as Homeward Pride Champions in the process, Delta Gamma Sigma (2014) and Psi Epsilon (2015 & 2016), each club showcasing an astounding 50%+ participation rate among their alumni.

Simply put, there's never been anything like Homeward Pride. Ever.

This school year, we just couldn't wait until Spring. We condensed a two-month competition into just seven days. And the results? Awesomeness. 

With over 500 grads giving more than $10,000, we couldn't be more proud. Way to go, Eagles. You rock.

Congratulations to Delta Gamma Sigma, Chi Lambda Phi, and Iota Kappa Phi for taking the first three spots in the competition!

If you didn't get a chance to give to one of the club passion projects, don't worry! The competition may have ended, but the mission of our clubs and their passion projects have not. You can still support any service club by clicking one of the links to the right.

Questions about Homeward Pride? Hannah would love to hear from you. Email her at hannah.dawson@oc.edu or call at 405.425.5119.