Finding Focus in an Avalanche of New

Finding Focus in an Avalanche of New
Posted more than a year ago.

The opening of a new Campaign is an exhilarating time. Lots of new projects to explore. Lots of interesting strategy and philosophy to digest. Lots of new futures to consider.

If you're like me and you love new things (most of us do, right?), then this avalanche of "new" is a real mental and emotional feast. I can get lost for hours digging through the minutia of our Thrive projects--considering what they might look like, how they might change our campus, and when they might go from dream to reality.

Thrive is flat-out fun, no two ways about it. 

But there's one key word that I'm trying to remember in this overwhelming period of the new: lost. I can get so focused on the Campaign details, the project list, and the momentum we have in pushing one effort after another from "in progress" to "complete," that I can miss the core focus driving all these projects to begin with--our students.

For 64 years OC has been the place in Oklahoma for scholars, seekers, and servants to encounter God, build family, and exercise their thinking and their spirits in unprecedented ways. I really can't put my finger on it sometimes, but if you've been here, you know: this campus and the OC family are powerfully unique.

The students here are a special breed, with extraordinary potential and seemingly endless passion. Our alumni are a cut above, too. And our employees, our Board, our donors and, don't get me started. The Eagles are out of control in every sense of the word wonderful.

Our (your!) students deserve the dreams inside Thrive. Not because their background or their resources entitle them to the best, but because their kingdom-building, world-changing spirit demands investment.

I hope you stay pumped about every Thrive project, that news on the blog regularly piques your interest, and that you'll join me in marking every one "complete" with unbridled enthusiasm. But don't get lost in the details. Keep remembering our students, whose impactful life stories continue and change right here because of you. Love them. Pray for them. Invest in them.

Their next chapters will change the world. I have no doubt about it.