Ethos Comes Alive

Posted more than a year ago.

With $391,700 committed just this morning to Ethos: Phase 1, it is a happy, happy day in OC Spiritual Life. I’ve already heard from Summer Lashley, project lead on Ethos, this morning—and she is grooving in her office to the awesome tune of visions becoming reality.

When you plan and plan, dream and refine for sometimes years on end, the notion of taking your vision from the printed page to the real world can begin to feel fantastical. You’ve certainly experienced this in your life. And when your big, big dream comes into sight as a tangible possibility…that moment can be wonderfully surreal.

Ethos is a big, big dream. I’m not at liberty to give every detail of that dream to you now. (Summer is wisely revealing Ethos in stages.) But I can tell you that Ethos represents a meaningful and relevant paradigm shift for our OC family. We will be intentional in cultivating a campus where the Spirit lives and breathes, where students and employees serve alongside one another to meet the needs of our community, and where groups of Eagles (large and small) regularly and personally worship and grow together.

I’m just fist-pumpingly, heart-poundingly stoked about all of it, if I can be so informally honest. And, if I had to guess, I bet Jesus is too.

I don’t want to leave the topic entirely nebulous, though, so I thought I’d share with you some of the Phase 1 investments being made possible through this gift:

  • Marketing Materials - including Ethos tees, stage banners, window wraps, and more;
  • Funds for a well-known opening week chapel speaker;
  • Student Giveaways – including mission trip sponsorships and conference travel;
  • An Ethos working fund so the team can stay agile in making spiritual development opportunities happen often and in timely ways for the students;
  • A new administrative assistant for Spiritual Life;
  • A second campus minister to partner with Summer Lashley and coordinate the efforts of Big Chapel;
  • An Ethos App for students to use on their devices for tracking spiritual involvement and finding new service and worship opportunities throughout the year; and
  • SURPRISE! An HD upgrade for Judd Theatre, which will bring that space up to the quality standard being developed in Hardeman, making Judd a fantastic venue for showing films like Son of God.

If this excellent mix of projects doesn’t get your blood pumping, it might be time to reach for another coffee. (I’ve had two already.) It’s a happy, happy day for Spiritual Life and just a blessed, blessed season to be at Oklahoma Christian.

More very soon.