Deconstructing a Legend

Deconstructing a Legend
Posted more than a year ago.

Deep in the heart of DAH stands a legend, a decades-old amphitheater that’s played host to thousands of Eagles and thousands of years of history and human thought.

For so many of us, this room is rich with nostalgia—of navigating the trenches of our first college courses alongside new (but ultimately lifelong) friends… of experiencing healthy intellectual debate on a collegiate level for the first time… of learning important lessons in Godly humility, dedication, and love at the feet of OC giants.

This feeling of nostalgia has been prompted all the more over the years by the fact that this room hasn’t really changed all that much. But stepping through the doors today, it’s clear the winds of change are rolling strong through DAH auditorium. With funds in hand for the DAH remodel, OC crews have begun the initial deconstruction process so that new fixtures and flooring can come in.

You’ve never seen DAH like this. (In fact, it’s probably a hardhat zone and I shouldn’t be standing here for this pic.) I hope you’re as excited as I am that this treasured and storied space will soon look like never before all over again.

More as it develops.