Completing the "Complete" Campaign

Posted more than a year ago.

28 Days

“May 2017” has long seemed like some fanciful date in the distant future. But here we are, just 28 days from Thrive's three-year mark and our target deadline for completing our unique little campaign.

So what's our prognosis? Are we about to succeed on a campaign model that some of my friends called “a little too bold” and even “just a tad bit weird”? Or are we about to discover that we peeled the curtain back too early and too often to come out with a win?

The next four weeks will help decide the answers to those questions. Let’s hold onto the drama until month’s end, but, with $31.5M booked on the Thrive menu, I’d say the win column’s calling your names. You’re awe--

“Wait. Time out.”

“The flattery’s nice and everything, but what about the rest of the menu? You can’t go patting yourself on the back, Will, without owning those 10 incomplete projects. What about our cafeteria?!”

$2.39 a Second

Hmmm. Yes, what about those? What about the $5,890,343.47 in goal-specific dollars we have left to go? Can our team really expect to raise all that in 28 days?

“Just…[tap, tap, tap]…$2.39 a second. Yikes.”

Yikes is right. Though, I will say that “yikes” is right in our wheelhouse. Scarily huge and unprecedented, that’s how we like our standards in Thrive. Of course, while not impossible, raising $8,604 an hour (I can't pull anything off in a second) is certainly in the unlikeliest of "yikes" categories...

“So what will you do?”

What We Could Do

You’re so good at asking just the right questions to move my thought process along. Well, we have at least a couple of options:

  1. Having shattered our larger monetary goal ($30M), we could do the traditional campaign thing. We stamp Thrive “complete” on May 31, post a big “We did it!” on the website, and quietly retire our blog and menu.


  1. Knowing we still have 10 projects pending, we could extend the campaign a year or two. We rebrand with a 4-year, $40M goal or a 5-year, $50M goal and we keep on trucking.

“Yuck. Neither of those options is particularly…tasty.” (You’d say ‘tasty’, right?)

I agree. Neither option, while perfectly okay, is up to Thrive’s status-quo-breaking standards. We can’t just move the goal line on the campaign; we owe you a celebration for giving above and beyond our stretchiest stretch goals. But if we do party a bit at the end of this month, we can hardly call ourselves “boldly transparent” if we just slap a done sticker on Thrive and hide the ball from here on out. 

“Right on. So what’s the plan?”

The Plan

Well, while it might not feel earth-shattering at first blush, we’re going to be our unusual selves by smashing together both options. Come May 31, you will hear us, slapping backs and highing fives (that makes no grammatical sense, but it sounds like a party). But then, come June 1, you will not see us slink back into the dark. Your campaign will be over (you deserve some rest), but our commitment to the projects you’ve been championing will continue.

Our website will stay. Our painfully honest progress bars will stay. This blog will stay. Thrive won’t be a campaign any more, but, for the time being, it will be a symbol—a brand that speaks to our now trademark fundraising philosophy, which hinges on faith-fueled dreaming, fearless honesty, and getting things done. Campaign or not, we don’t think we can ever exhaust our responsibilities to you on those fronts. And we don’t intend to. 

So ready yourself for a big finish. (If I were to point daringly at center field, I’d even tell you to ready for up to a $32.5M slam.) Then look forward to more stories from the field next year.

OC has a bright, bright future thanks to you. And we’re never quitting.