Attempting to Grasp the OC Magic

Posted more than a year ago.

Just yesterday you heard me say that OC is “powerfully unique.” You can see that special something shining in the work of our graduates, in our employees in the community, in our maroon-clad kids running around your neighborhood playground. You can see it in our gracious athletes, in our mission work across nearly every continent, in our churches, in local businesses, and more.

But if you’ve never been here, in person, then that uniqueness is hard to grasp. And, quite honestly, it’s difficult for me, too, to articulate what makes OC so special.

At first blush it feels like magic. Through some inconceivable means, the visions, the missions, the passions, the emotions, the choices, the families, the futures, the pasts, the ups, the downs, the leaps, the laughs, the late nights, the early mornings, the loved books, the inside jokes, the creativity, the memories, the minds, the souls, and the hearts of 2,500 servant-geared, purpose-driven, people-loving people melt together at OC, are infused with an overflowing dose of the Spirit and sprinkled with a dash of that intangible “college vibe”—all across a campus whose hallways and grounds seem to breathe with the decisions and dreams of 64 years of similarly big-hearted Eagles.

That’s a mouthful, I know. But this campus is that special kind of fantastic that’s mouthful-worthy… And I’m in love with it. (And I’m not alone.)

But it’s not magic. It’s Christ.

God lives right here every day. In fact, look closely at the video above—at the crowd of OC accountants, marketers, professors, programmers, ministers, administrators, fundraisers, coaches, nurses, and more welcoming our newest batch of Eagles in our typical atypical style. I think you just might understand a bit more of what makes OC powerfully unique…

And I think you just might see Him, too.