1,299 Days to the Perfect Brew

Posted more than a year ago.

1,299 days.

That’s how long it’s been since the morning I opened my email to a vision document from President deSteiguer. A document that outlined the first ideas for Thrive. A document bearing one big, boldly caffeinated dream that had me almost giddy…

A coffee shop.

Plenty’s happened* since that email landed in my inbox. We made dozens upon dozens of proposals to prospective donors. We drafted and redrafted an interior design for the shop. We expanded our vision to include Spiritual Life (ETHOS) offices, so that our teams could better minister to thirsty students in our newest community hub. We ran up against construction delays and extensive needs we didn’t expect—like a six-figure sprinkler system. We hired a shop manager. We contracted with coffee suppliers. We meticulously selected equipment and furnishings. We built a trendy look. We built a brand.

And, in the meantime, you all patiently waited and wondered, “when will the percolating end?”

Hmmm. It's been hard to answer that particular wonderment some days… why don’t you go on a little tour with me this afternoon and see if you can guess?


Stepping out of the 2nd floor stairwell, looking north, you're greeted first by some beautiful new ETHOS offices.


Opposite those sweet ETHOS offices, sits this curious new door.


Stepping through you see a swanky and acoustically-friendly open mic space.


What's this? The Brew logo in gorgeous hard wood? Bam.


Running quickly to the other side of the Brew, you see a custom, handmade study table. (Oh, and would you look at that sunlight creeping in.)


Now back to the open mic space, you can see how it flows right into the shop proper. And there's ETHOS, practically in The Brew with you.


Okay. Okay. Enough teasing. You turn around for the money shot.


And you step in closer to smell the beans.


You can't resist and head behind the counter. (If only you were a barista; you could see this every day.)


Finally, you tuck back into The Brew's NE corner to take in the view. (No photoshop here, ladies and gents. That's the real deal.)

So when does that curious door open?

I don't know... looks like it could still be awhile. Tell you what, why don't we give it a tug next week and see what happens?


*I had a newborn when we started. I have a 3-1/2-year-old AND a 1-year-old now. You can’t rush a good Brew.