OzCar the Puppet Launches Solo Career
After Being Rejected for American Idol

American Idol Puppet OzCar on Google+

Oklahoma Christian University alumna Halie Hilburn recently appeared on American Idol with her ventriloquist puppet, Oscar. After being shunned by American Idol judges, Oscar has embarked on a solo career as "OzCar," the rapping puppet.

You saw the American Idol puppet get dumped in a trashcan on an Oklahoma City street. His is a true rags-to-riches story: OzCar performed at different venues in OKC for a few weeks before meeting someone who offered to help produce his first video.

Now, with more street cred and determination than ever, OzCar is well on his way to celebrity. OzCar’s debut single features a stream of clever jibes at the dismissive Idol judges, but it also tells us why he’s doing this in the first place.

He hopes to get Halie’s attention through his budding career in music. He’ll work his way over to the west coast, where he will seek a second chance at fame – and making his longtime friend proud – at an audition for America’s Got Talent. No longer just another American Idol puppet, OzCar will operate on his own terms, staying true to his beliefs and having faith in his talents.

You can support OzCar on his journey to AGT by following him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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Halie and OzCar during their time at Oklahoma Christian University
Before they were famous: Halie and OzCar entertaining the crowds at Oklahoma Christian University's Freshman Fanfare and Spring Sing programs. Here is a video of Halie and OzCar performing at Spring Sing.