Ministry Equipping Day

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Monday, October 1: Ministry Equipping Day

8.15 AM Registration in South Lobby of Williams-Branch Center for Biblical Studies 

8.50 AM Welcome in Scott Chapel—Grady King

9.00 AM How Senior Adults Can Pass on Faith with D. Chancey & R. Bruner

10.30 AM Ministry to the LGBTQ Community with C. Rix, B. Kern, T. Winn, C. Rosser

11.45 AM Lunch in U-Dining South with Matthew Brock, Christian Financial Resources

1.00 PM Session 3: GEN Z: Cultivating Contributors with Brandon Tatum

 2.15 PM Resources for Leading Well* with Grady D. King

 2.30 PM Dismiss

*The full LEADING WELL Session by Mullican and King will be re-scheduled for a future equipping day.

Senior Adults:  Passing on Faith – Ron Bruner & Dudley Chancey

Senior adults have the blessing and responsibility of passing on faith to the next generation. It is a myth that the younger generation does not want the wisdom and shared life with senior adults. Research shows that young adults are open and seeking mentors of faith.  This session will present recent research by Bruner and Chancey on senior adults being intentional in passing on faith and how it can happen.

Ron BrunerRon Bruner (DMin) has served as the executive director of Westview Boys’ Home in Hollis, Oklahoma, since 1999. An alumnus of Oklahoma Christian University, he studies the formation of faith in families, adolescent spiritual formation, the theology of children, and the care of youth experiencing at-risk circumstances. Bruner is co-editor of Along the Way: Conversations about Children and Faith with Dana Kennamer Pemberton, and Owning Faith: Rethinking the Role of Church and Family in the Faith Journey of Teenagers with Dudley Chancey. He and his wife, Ann, have three adult children and four grandchildren.


chancey_dudley-CroppedDudley Chancey (PhD) worked in youth ministry for 25 years before coming to Oklahoma Christian University in 1998 to teach youth and family ministry.   He is the founder and director of the Winterfest youth events in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and Arlington, Texas. He  is the co-founder of the Intergenerational Faith Center at Oklahoma Christian and is involved the National Council on Family Relations, Groves Conference on Marriage and Family Associations of Youth Ministry Educators, and the National Conference on Youth Ministries. He has a passion for evangelism, discipleship and mission work in Honduras. Dudley and his wife, Vicki have two adult children, Drew add Matt.

Generation Z: Cultivating Contributors: Brandon Tatum

Who is Generation Z? Millennials are now graduating from college, and we must begin to recognize the newest generation taking their place in our churches. This session will create a framework for better understanding GenZ, discuss relevant spiritual formation tactics for GenZ, and empower leaders to engage this emerging generation like none other.

BrandonTatumBrandon Tatum is president of Oklahoma Christian Academy, a Pre-K to 12th grade school located in Edmond. Brandon will graduate in December 2018 with a doctorate in organzational leadership from Abilene Christian University focused on GEN Z. He serves on the National Christian School Association Board of Trustees, National Christian School Association Board of Commissioners, Texas Christian School Association Board of Trustees, OC’s Institutional Review Board, and the Institute for Emerging Leaders Advisory Board. He and his wife Megan have a son, Sawyer and twin daughters Blakely and Gentry.

Ministry to the LGBTQ Community:  Charles Rix

The LGBTQ acronym evokes a variety of responses. More than an acronym, however, people are created in God’s image. This session will consider how followers of Jesus Christ respond in light of the gospel and ministry of Jesus Christ.    An interdisciplinary panel will be included.

Rix-Charles_croppedDr. Charles Rix is Dean of the College of Biblical Studies and the Associate Professor of Bible at Oklahoma Christian. He teaches Hebrew Bible / Old Testament and Ministry classes. He served as the preaching minister of the Monmouth Church of Christ in Tinton Falls, New Jersey for almost twenty years. Prior to ministry, Charles worked in various financial positions with ExxonMobil Corporation both domestically and overseas. He holds graduate degrees in business, theology, and philosophy and completed his PhD in Hebrew Bible from Drew University. Charles is passionate about the ways in which the scripture speaks to the issue of human suffering. Charles and his late wife Jenny (Alley) Rix have two adult children, Nathan Rix and Abby Rix Degge.

Leading Well for Thriving in the Future: Grady King & Jon Mullican

Being church and doing ministry in today’s chaotic, anxious, and pluralistic world is challenging. Anxiety begets anxiety.  Leaders feel it and need encouragement. There are no quick fixes, however, it is possible to lead well and thrive knowing it is far more than initiating a new program. This session will focus on leading well with essential perspectives and tools for thriving, not just surviving.

Grady KingGrady King (DMin) has served as Director of Church Resources at Oklahoma Christian since 2016 and is co-leader of HOPE Network with Jon Mullican. He served in congregational ministry for 42 years in Texas and Oklahoma. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in education at Oklahoma Christian University in 1977; M.S. in Biblical Studies (1989) and Doctor of Ministry (2005) at Abilene Christian University. Grady’s passion is healthy leaders, healthy churches.


Jon MullicanJon Mullican has served two congregations as Executive Minister, one in Tulsa and one in Dallas.  He was raised in Bethany, Oklahoma. Jon currently serves as Minister of Church Development at Highland Oaks Church of Christ in Dallas. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from United States Naval Academy in 1985 and a Masters of ence degree in Organization Development from Pepperdine University in 2005. Jon is passionate about enhancing relationships within the church by facilitating authentic, open dialogue.

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