Lectureship 2015


October 4-6, 2015

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You will learn great lessons from this year’s Lectureship on “Opening Acts” as we open Acts to learn from this important book.  Studying together the people, principles, and practices of the early church will strengthen our faith and help our work in the Lord because the apostles set in motion the plan God meant for those of all places and all centuries to follow.

We are excited to have a great line up of speakers.  Alan Robertson from Duck Dynasty will bring the message on Sunday night and for chapel at 11 a.m. on Monday.  Harold Shank, President of Ohio Valley University will speak on Monday night, and Jerry Rushford from Pepperdine will inspire us at the Dinner Honoring Preachers/Elders and wives.  These messages will show how members of the early church gave much of themselves, even under threat, to become witnesses of what they had seen and heard. 

Monday will bring lessons about evangelism in the early church and how we can use their methods.  Monday will also offer studies in texts on key subjects from Acts and how we can use their highly effective evangelistic techniques today.   Also on Monday members of the Bible faculty will answer questions on a forum.  The Monday morning Women’s Day will study “Women to Follow.”

On Tuesday, five different outstanding ministers will help preachers to learn about preaching from five different sermons in Acts.  More studies from texts in Acts will bring key messages and elders will learn about their work from passages in Acts.  Four younger preachers will speak on principles from Acts which we must be teaching our youth.

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P.S. Audio recordings of all previous lectureships and select video recordings of keynote sessions are available online free of charge. Click here to view the list of videos downloadable audio recordings of all other lessons.

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