2017 Lectures

Join me October 1-3 for engaging faith in a post-truth culture.

“Post-truth” was the 2016 Oxford Dictionary word of the year. As followers of Jesus Christ, people formed by the Bible as God’s Word, we know God is alive and the truth in Jesus Christ matters.

Grady D. King, D.Min.
Director of Church Resources

Why come October 1-3?

The internet is changing everything. We have access to a world of information right at our fingertips. Religious teaching, training, and biblical instruction abounds on the internet – good and bad. Universities are increasingly adding online education. If it’s simply a matter of receiving information or merely hearing a “lecture,” why come? It’s a fair question.

But what would happen if solid biblical thinking couples with conversation and application in shared community? In a word, HOPE!

People are hungry for life application and practical ways of being God’s people in their own congregations and community. This is what BELIEVE: Engaging Faith in a Post-Truth Culture is all about.


These questions on Time magazine covers – posed half a century apart in 1966 and 2017 – matter. Let’s gather in October and explore God’s life and truth in Jesus Christ. The time is now for followers of Jesus to engage our culture with a robust faith in word and deed. John’s gospel is our conversation partner for exploring BELIEVE with an emphasis on personal and congregational life. See you in October!

Any questions about the Lectures?
Please contact the Church Resources office at (405)425-5141 or churchrelations@oc.edu