2017 Lectures

October’s Bible Lectures focus on engaging faith in a post-truth culture.

Join us October 1-3 as we consider what it means to be believing people of God in a post-truth culture. Post-Truth describes the relativism of our culture, the loss of objective truth for daily living and even what it means to be human.

Jesus is the way, truth and life. He shows us how to engage our faith.

Believers in churches are hungry for life application and practical ways of being God’s people in their own congregations and community. This is what BELIEVE: Engaging Faith in a Post-Truth Culture is all about.

As followers of Jesus Christ, this is a time for biblically healthy, compassionate, conviction and clarity. John’s gospel is our conversation partner for engaging our faith as a church and in the world. This conversation matters.

I look forward to seeing you in October as we engage our faith.

Grady D. King, D. Min
Bible Lectures Director

Bible Lectures Highlights

  • Pre-registration not required, all welcome
  • Theme of BELIEVE from John’s Gospel
  • Keynotes by Jim Baird and Phil Brookman
  • John: Light and Darkness performance by Arthur Morton
  • Longer class sessions for conversations
  • TED-type lectures (Engaging Faith Talks)
  • Monday church leaders and spouses dinner honoring specific long-term rural ministers.

Any questions about the Lectures?
Please contact the Church Resources office at (405)425-5141 or churchrelations@oc.edu