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Name: Vance S Davis

Telephone: 806-363-0148
Ministry Profile: I have preached faithfully for 34 years and am looking for a congregation that loves Jesus and His Word; that wants enthusiasm, leadership, sound Biblical teaching and preaching, love, personableness, office management abilities, computer literacy and sermons that edify, encourage and empower the people of God. I am a highly motivated, high-energy gospel preacher of 34 years and US Army veteran with 17 years military service, who is seeking a congregation that wants to grow instead of the status quo. If it's leadership, motivation, counsel, guidance and teaching, then I may be the man to fill the pulpit where you are. If you're open for evangelism, leadership and Biblical training, these are my strong points. My ministry is that of the Word. To reprove (bring to the light) rebuke (to admonish because of the light) and exhort (to point the way the light is going); to teach with all long suffering, and to constantly be about the building up of the body of Christ; to assist the shepherds of the flock in the feeding and equipping of the saints; to advise and admonish and counsel with the leaders and the church for the benefit of the body; in other words, A SERVANT FOR CHIRST for the building up of the local body of Christ with a world view for Christ. Evangelism is one of my strongest points, having been a full-time instructor of the Fishers of Men Evangelism Training course for over 5 years. I have personally taught/trained over 1,000 Christians to carry the message of Christ to this lost and dying world, and believe I would be an asset to the brethren where you are. I believe it is the work of the elders and evangelist to equip the saints for the works of service to which they have been called by the Lord. And, as we already know, we were called to "go make disciples of all nations" and to "baptize them into the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." The problem is, not many, if any are going! I don't believe, until we have adequately trained the church, that the church is up to this task. May the Lord bless you in your search for the man of God that He has for you. His servant and yours Vance Davis