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Name: Nathaniel Donley

Telephone: 4078734272
Ministry Profile: I graduated from OC this past April 2014 with a degree in Sports Management but also took some youth ministry classes. Here are the internships I have done. Youth Ministry Internship, Central Christian Church, St. Petersburg, FL. Summer 2013 Interned under Justin Cobourne. • Helped organize Wednesday and Sunday services for the youth group. • Planned out the schedule of summer activities. • Co-taught Sunday morning class. • Led a small group on Wednesday nights. Youth Ministry Internship, Oakcrest Church of Christ, Oklahoma City, OK. Summer 2014 Interned under Levi Peck. • Taught Sunday Morning class. • Planned out service work for the summer. • Led the Jr. High Mission Trip. Went to different places in Oklahoma and helped out. My references: Dudley Chancey 405.249.5270 Jeff Bennett 405.823.5371 Justin Cobourne 813.417.6111 Levi Peck 405.990.3687