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Name: Leroy

Telephone: 309-344-3035
Website: None
Ministry Profile: 28 years of full-time ministry experience. Available in September 2015 Highlights of Experiences as follows: Leroy Torres Home ... (309) 344-3035 Office ... (309) 342-2879 80 South Whitesboro Galesburg, Illinois - 61401 EDUCATION :Sunset School of Preaching – (Preaching School) - Lubbock, Texas … Feb. 1989 – Jan. 1991 :Sunset School of Preaching – (Graduate Studies) - Lubbock, Texas … Jan. 1991 – Jun. 1991 :Sunset School of Preaching – (One ‘leveling’ course needed for bachelors’ degree) EXPERIENCE Ministries while a student at Sunset School of Preaching … Lubbock, Texas … Jan. 1989 – May 1991 1.) Lubbock County Sheriff’s Assistant Chaplain – (Jail Ministry) • Ministered to Inmates, their families and Sheriff's Staff. 2.) Lubbock County Juvenile Detention Center. • Liaison coordinator; responsible for directing all religious activities to juvenile detainees & their families • Suicide Watch – (when a juvenile attempted suicide I was called to minister to them and their family) 3.) Lubbock Christian High School – (10th. Grade) • Instructor of “Bible” as curriculum. 4.) Lubbock Christian College – (Repeatedly invited guest speaker) • Invited guest speaker for Professor ‘Cara Speers’ sociology classes. (Central Church of Christ) - Victoria, Texas … Jun. 1991 – Dec. 1993 1.) Hispanic Minister • Started Hispanic congregation; Developed Hispanic Elders & Deacons which later functioned in those capacities for the whole church. • Baptized and integrated into the body; Hispanics of both cultures – (Mexicans and Mexican-Americans) • Conducted Bilingual Sunday School Classes & Worship Services – (Spanish/English) • Conducted Home Studies, Visitations, Funerals, and Weddings in the Hispanic community. 2.) Minister of Benevolence • Created ‘basic life skills’ classes for patrons of the church’s’ food and clothing ministry. • Integrated evangelism and outreach methods with benevolence ministry. • Developed avenues of contact & communication between patrons of the food and clothing ministry and the church as a whole in order to better integrate the two into one body = (The Church) 3.) Evangelist • On a yearly basis traveled to Mexico to visit, preach and encourage our Mexican Brethren, as well as follow-up on works which some of our American churches were financially supporting. • Member of the Advisory Committee and frequent speaker for the “Hispanic Evangelism USA” seminars conducted annually in Austin, Texas at the “Institute for Christian Studies” (Los Fresnos Church of Christ) - Los Fresnos, Texas … Jan. 1994 – Dec. 1996 1.) Pulpit Minister • Sunday & Wednesday Bible Classes. • Sunday morning & evening Sermons. 2.) Youth Minister • Grew the youth group from 2 to 20 youth. • Invited baccalaureate speaker for local High School Graduation Ceremony. • Committee member that developed a “Drug Free Community & Schools” annual event. (Central Church of Christ) - Del Rio, Texas … Jan. 1996 – Dec. 1998 1.) Director of Ministries • Worked directly with church leadership to create new ministries, programs and events conducive to their goals and plans for growth. • Streamlined existing ministries to synergize their labors & achieve the over-all goals of the leadership. • Developed and implemented a five year growth plan for the local church. • Re-directed all active functioning church ministries toward the goal of Evangelism. 2.) Minister of Involvement • Created new avenues of communication between leadership and congregation so as to facilitate greater interest & active participation of members in leader’s growth plan for the church. • Initiated ‘reorientation’ classes for ministry leaders to help them focus & summarize their ministries for the purpose of creating ‘entry points’ into their particular ministries, which they each in-turn presented to congregation, thereby stimulating greater interest & involvement of PRESENT membership. • Created NEW ministries to accommodate NEW members to function in their areas of interest & giftedness 3.) Evangelist • Worked with and provided direct support to ministries of; Pulpit, Bible classes, Visitation, Outreach. • Responsible for weekly publication of church newsletter / bulletin. (Sixth Street Church of Christ) - Bay City, Texas … Jan. 1998 – Feb. 2000 1.) Associate Minister • Teacher of Sunday and Wednesday adult bible classes. • Fill in preacher when pulpit minister on leave or vacation. 2.) Minister of Benevolence • Directed the operation of food and clothing distribution to over 350 families per week. • Restructured this ministry towards evangelism & outreach; instead of just food/clothing distribution. 3.) Education Minister • Conducted regularly scheduled training sessions for Bible Class Teachers. • Coordinated Sunday & Wednesday Bible Classes for the entire church. • Developed curriculum for children, youth and young adults classes. • Recruited Bible Class Teachers for all ages. 4.) Evangelist • Conducted Bible studies at community centers; low-income housing; in homes and at public parks. • Taught on-campus Bible Classes in local High School before morning bell for faculty and students. • After first year I was able to offer on-campus High School bible studies during evening hours. (Galesburg Church of Christ) - Galesburg, Illinois … May 2000 – Presently in my 16th. Year. 1.) Minister • Preached all sermons and taught Sunday and mid-week bible classes. • Initiated and organized twice-a-month meetings of ‘life-Groups’ for the entire church • Conduct Home & hospital visitations. • Conduct funerals of many members; their families & peoples of the community. • Performed many weddings for both church members & people of the community. • For community outreach; I taught ‘Spanish II’ - Jr. & Sr. High students at local Christian school – (2yrs.) • For community outreach; I taught on-campus bible classes at ‘Carl Sandburg Community College–(2 yrs) • Invited guest speaker for ‘Carl Sandburg Community College’ Graduation Ceremony. • Minister in local Jail & local State Penitentiary. • Participant in local radio program as a fundraising effort for our local rescue mission -(6 years) • Work as a shift supervisor at our local rescue mission - (7 years) • Worked & coordinated ‘churches of Christ disaster relief efforts’ for tornado victims. • Invited guest speaker to “Hardin University” morning chapel – 4,000 students present.