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Name: Danny Bias

Telephone: 970-888-4786
Ministry Profile: Minister / Bodybuilder God called me to do what I am doing... and at the end of my life, I will ONLY answer to Him. Only God knows a man's heart and intentions. I hear from God and I am obedient in what He has asked of me to do for Him. And basically, if we all did just that, we would be effective in helping so many people who desperately need it. The Danny Bias Power Team performs feats of strength. His actions show how God's influence in lives can make them seem impossible, become possible. Diagnosed in Sept. 2010 with AFIB & Cardiomyopathy, I combine Fitness / Religion to show God's power in our lives if we allow Him too. The Danny Bias Power Team motivates and inspires to help you realize that God is part of everyday and through Christ we can overcome our weakness. The Danny Bias Power Team tries to show you how God can use ordinary men to do extraordinary things and with Biblical references to draw us closer to Christ. The Danny Bias Power Team puts God first and gives God ALL the credit for the work that is being done. Church of Christ / Christian Church affilate (Instrumental). Our website gives you a glimpse of what our Power Team is about. Ordained Minister