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Name: Orlando Henlon

Telephone: 3054399575
Ministry Profile: To the Church Leadership or search committee: Hello, my name is Orlando Henlon, and I’m a minister in search of a church family that is seeking to have a motivated and excited minister to join in on their prayerful vision for fulfilling God’s mission. My wife and I have been married for seven years and we have a daughter who is under the age of 1, and we have dedicated our lives to glorifying God and would be happy to join a family of believers as we seek out ways to glorify God together. The following are highlights of my qualifications and accomplishments: • Designed and presented curriculum for the college and young adult program • Provided counseling and spiritual support. • Prepared and delivered sermons and messages for conferences and worship services. • Arranged and lead worship services and for the congregation and annual college conferences • Supervised the audio and visual support for the worship services and special programs • Prepared and managed budgets for the college program. Prepared and arranged the annual fall conference for college ministries across the state of Florida. With all of my heart, it is my desire to work in a spiritual environment where God will work through me and use me as a humble servant, to influence the lives of people seeking to draw and maintain a deeper connection with God. For the past seven years, I have had the great opportunity and privilege to serve at the Sunset Church of Christ in Miami, Florida as a Campus Minister, being evangelistic and helping to reach the young minds of today. In addition to that role, I have had the amazing pleasure to serve as one of the Worship Leaders within Sunset’s Worship Team, leading the congregation for worship services, special programs and family events, as well as being responsible for working with the Audio and Visual Ministry to provide a dynamic weekly worship service. All of these opportunities to serve have helped me to grow spiritually and have been a great blessing because of the relationships I’ve been able to build with many of the members. I am confident that God will continue to help me to use my talents to the fullest capacity to help make an impact within His Kingdom. I am passionately driven to be used by God to reach the hearts and minds of His dedicated believers and those who are searching and have yet to be introduced to Him. Attached you will find my resume for your review. I thank you for your time and consideration towards a position within your church family and welcome any opportunity to discuss with you personally how my skills, strengths and passion can best used to serve the Lord within your congregation. In His Will, Orlando Henlon