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Name: Steve Cordle

Telephone: (580) 301-3855
Ministry Profile: Steve Cordle PO Box 103 Tipton, OK 73570 Dear Brethren: After a hiatus from preaching I am anxious to return to full time ministry. I have fifteen years full time preaching experience and currently work as house parents for Tipton Home in Tipton, Oklahoma and doing fill in preaching for area churches. We would like to work with a congregation with an established, sound eldership and a membership of 150 or more. For five years I served as the pulpit minister for the Lamar church of Christ in Lamar, Colorado. Over the last year and a half of preaching there I conducted 11 studies with non-Christians resulting in 7 baptisms. We used concepts such as Blitz Visitation in 2005 that encouraged church leaders to better get to know the members. The education program was greatly improved by hosting a teacher training workshop from Bear Valley Bible Institute. In addition to organizing evangelistic campaigns and various seminars in all the places where I have lived, I have experience working with church secretaries and a part time youth director. During the last several years I preached, I had a custom of meeting with the congregation’s leadership toward the end of the year and setting goals for the upcoming year. I would like to have that practice continue where I serve because vibrant, growing churches need to set and pursue realistic goals in order to maintain progress and continue improvement. Some goals we have set in the past include number of personal Bible studies, number of baptisms, Class attendance, ideas like the above mentioned Blitz Visitation and other ideas such as Monday Night For The Master. Prior to working full time in ministry I was a legal assistant for various law firms and worked in retail as a sales associate and as an assistant manager which also helps with my abilities to lead a church in its work. My education includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Alaska in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor in Biblical Studies from the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, where I would like to eventually complete a Master’s of Biblical Studies Degree. The masters program is especially designed for people who are working full time and living a long distance from Denver, so it will not interfere with my obligations to a local congregation. I have authored several articles for publication in brotherhood journals and two books that are detailed on my resume. I believe my education and work experiences make me an ideal preacher to work with church leaders in any setting. A resume packet is available for interested congregations by contacting me at the above email. You will also find Bible study notes on my Facebook page and on the Church of Christ preachers (current and retired) Facebook page. My wife and I look forward to hearing from interested churches about the possibility of working with you. Thank you for your time and attention, In the Lord’s service, Steve Cordle