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Name: Dennis Pence

Telephone: 785 893-3365
Ministry Profile: I believe the message of forgiveness and promise of eternal life at the feet of God is sufficient for believers. However, the church is faced with the on-going assault from the forces of evil. It requires a strong belief and knowledge of scripture to keep the wolves away from the flock. The church must have strong-willed, intelligent, educated men in the pulpit bringing forth the true and complete word of God, even when we do not necessary like what we are hearing. A truly effective minister (preacher, evangelist) must know and love God, period. There can be no other god in his life. He must dedicate his life to the word of God without variance and without emendation. He must desire not just a seat in heaven but an entire section of heavenly occupants that served with him on earth. I believe I encompass those qualities, at least I strive to be that kind of evangelist. I believe there is nothing in Christ's church that cannot be accomplished by those who desire to be found "good and faithful servants."