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Name: Rob Dennis

Telephone: 541-519-3901
Ministry Profile: I have been a youth/associate minister for 6 years for a small congregation in Eastern Oregon. As there are no elders, the church business is handled by a ministry team. This ministry team consists of the pulpit minister, the education minister, and myself. Most of the decisions concerning the spiritual health and growth, as well as the physical needs of the congregation are made by this team. This has allowed me to aquire a great deal of insight as to the inner workings of a congregation. My goal for youth ministry is to help the congregation reach, and minister to the variety of teens in their influence. To do this in Baker City, I volunteered as a football coach and worked with the teens in the theatre department. This allowed me come in contact with a wide range of teens and be visible not only to them, but to their parents as well. * Biblically sound teacher * Deep love for teens * Flexible and Moderate * 6 years of experience * Skilled with Office and Adobe CS3 * Blessed with a gift for relating to Teens