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Name: Greg Swindle

Telephone: 256 412-3450
Ministry Profile: Personal Information: Name: Gregory Clifford Swindle Date of Birth: November 20, 1962 (54) Married: Mary Robison Swindle, June 30, 1983 Children: Mindy Marie Swindle, Olivia Claire Swindle Christian since: 1975 Philosophy of Ministry: Every soul has a purpose given to them by God and over the course of their life, when submitted to God’s will, God prepares them to perform the mission for which they were born. A truly successful life is one lived according to the will of God and lived to its fullest. Current Ministry: Administrative Director - is charged with the execution of the CLD Policy and Program and implementation of the Curriculum and management of the CLD Students. The Christian Leadership Development (CLD) program gives selected young Christians in Zambia the opportunity to use the year after graduation from high school to prepare for further education. By design, the combination of academics and spiritual formation will position the student for future success in whatever walk of life they pursue as a Christian leader in Zambia. “The Christian Leadership Development program is a bridge program designed explicitly for those who have completed secondary school and wish to pursue post-secondary education and/or establish themselves in a trade, which will allow them to become community leaders and church planters.” Ministry Experience: Current - 2012: Zambia, Africa - Program Director, Christian Leadership Development Department, George Benson Christian College, Namwianga Mission (2013) - Missionary to Zambia. 2012 - 2005: Florence, Alabama, Sherrod Avenue Church of Christ, Involvement Minister and Education Minister. 2005 - 2000: Panama City Beach, Florida, Emerald Beach Church of Christ, Minister. 2000 - 1997: Panama City, Florida, Jenks Avenue Church of Christ, Youth Minister. 1997 - 1994: Martin, Tennessee, Martin Church of Christ, Youth Minister and Education Minister. 1994 - 1989: Sherman, Mississippi, Sherman Church of Christ, Minister. 1989 - 1986: Durant, Mississippi, Durant Church of Christ, Minister. 1986 - 1985: Kosciusko, Mississippi, Nile Church of Christ, Minister. Education Experience: Bachelors of Arts - Christian Communications. Masters of Ministry - Christian Counseling, Christian Education U.S. Army Chaplain Branch - Chaplain Candidate. Military Experience: Retired, United States Army, Army National Guard. Specialized Ministry Experience: Chaplain - U.S. Army, Law Enforcement, Hospital (Hospice), Funeral. Director - Christian Leadership Development Department. Facilitator - Marriage Enrichment - His Needs- Her Needs. References: Dr. Richard Prather - Stateside Superintendent of Zambia Mission Fund - U.S.A. Namwianga Mission, Zambia, Africa +1 (580) 938-2229 or (580) 374-2344, Email address: Dr. Klay Bartee, Board Chairman of Zambia Mission Fund - U.S.A. and Teacher at Harding University, Searcy, AR (325)-280-9757 Dr. Ken Hobby- Board Member of Zambia Mission Fund - U.S.A. and Teacher at Harding University, Searcy, AR, and Email address: Dr. Rosemary Snodgrass* - Teacher at Heritage Christian University, Florence, AL; Email address:, +1 (256) 810-1670 Jack Reece - Minister of the Gospel, Jenks Avenue Church of Christ, Panama City, Florida +1 (850) 763-5661, Email address: Thomas Simubali - Coworker in Zambia - + 260 964 82 7200, Email address: Don Snodgrass* - Elder of Sherrod Avenue Church of Christ, Florence, AL 35630, Email address:, Cell phone: +1 (256) 627-7602 Jonathan Snell - Elder of Sherrod Avenue Church of Christ, Florence, AL 35630, Email address: Steve Cummings - Minister of the Gospel, +1 (615) 516-1364, Todd Thompson - Deacon for Jenks Avenue Church of Christ, Panama City, Florida. Email address: Joseph Exum - Missions Deacon for the Martin Church of Christ, Martin, TN; Email address:, +1 (731) 587-9891 *married Contact information and Home Address in the United States: Parents: Paul and Sarah Swindle 207 Oakview Street, Florence AL 35633 +1 (256) 718 - 1669 In Zambia: +260962841492 or +260972817167 Email: