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Name: Anna Marie Carter

Telephone: 405-657-2972
Ministry Profile: Served as pastor of a multi-racial, multi-generational dynamic church known for its family support and community outreach services. As senior pastor, served as chief visionary for church culture and outreach ministries, including “Day of Caring,” and spearheaded numerous partnerships with community agencies and non-profit organizations to aid those in need. Additionally, created various programs to reach unchurched members of the community, including such as initiatives as: Making Marriage Work annual conference, financial literacy and money management workshops, summer youth camp and vacation bible studies, teen leadership institute, and the Discovering Your Purpose and Passions annual seminar. Also, provided on-going guidance, spiritual encouragement and personal leadership development classes for lay ministers and church stewards. Conducted thousands of hours of bible studies, counseling sessions and individual and corporate prayer. Consistently devoted time to reaching the unchurched, fellowshipping with the corporate Christian body, studying the bible, increasing in knowledge and wisdom about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God, teaching the bible with authority and relevancy, and receiving on-going training while pursuing a doctorate degree in Christian ministry.