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Church Name: Fairview Road Church of Christ

Position: Youth and Family Minister
Type of Ministry: Youth and Famliy
Type of Job: Full-time

Job Description: The Minister to Youth and Their Families is first of all a member of our church family. We anticipate that your becoming a part of our family will be a source of joy, loving relationships, service to the Lord and satisfaction in a job-well-done in working with our precious youth and their families. We cannot over emphasize your importance to our family. We plan to work together as a family to celebrate our victories, learn from our mistakes and weep over our failures. We promise our love and support. Our goal is to grow the youth in faith, commitment, numbers and to direct them toward lives of faithful Christian service. The Elders I. General The primary focus of this minister's work will be with teenagers (8th - 12th grade) and their families. To a lesser extent, the minister will work with those in grades 6th & 7th (and their families) in order to ready them for participation in the youth group when they get to 8th grade. The overall goal is to grow teens individually and as a group toward the likeness of Christ with a family-based youth ministry perspective in conjunction with overall goals of the congregation. II. Education A. He will work in cooperation with the education committee in the area of teen education. He will be a member of the education committee providing assistance in the following areas: 1. Development, coordination and evaluation of the curriculum. 2. Teacher recruitment, training, supervision, and on-going evaluation. 3. Record keeping (e.g., approved teachers lists, class rolls, attendance patterns, teachers and courses taught, etc.). 4. Equipment, supplies and facilities scheduling and planning. 5. Budget development and tracking. 6. Teaching. 7. Assure the purposes, objectives, goals, and results of the Teen education program are adequately communicated and understood by all who share in the responsibilities and benefits of the program. B. Work with and foster growth through encouraging participation in Leadership Training for Christ (LTC). III. Teen Activities A. He will be responsible for working in cooperation with the Youth Leadership Team in the planning of all activities for the Youth Group. B. He will participate in and lead activities for the Youth Group. In addition he will also plan, to a lesser extent, some activities for 6th and 7th graders, as appropriate, for the purpose of readying them for full participation in the Youth Group. This is with the realization that a busy youth program may at times prohibit being present at all activities. However, his interest in, commitment to, and involvement with the young people should be unquestioned. C. He will provide personal counsel to the young people as their needs require and as their personal growth suggests. He will use good judgment in all his contacts with young people, of either sex, and not let himself be placed in questionable, isolated situations. D. He will serve to motivate the young people in commitment, involvement, and spiritual growth - especially those young people who are on the fringe of our youth program. E. He will provide primary leadership in planning and coordinating Fairview Road sponsored area wide youth events. F. He will be responsible for budget planning and administration in cooperation with the Youth Leadership Team. G. He will provide leadership training for our young Christian men and women in order to equip them for leadership roles in the kingdom. He will work to insure that these young Christians have many opportunities to serve in meaningful, responsible, and growth-producing roles of service. H. He will lead in preparing and maintaining a one-year youth activities calendar which takes into consideration planned adult and total congregational events. I. He will assist with younger children's activities as requested in order to start building relationships with younger children who will move into the Youth Group in the future. J. He will do whatever else is necessary to insure proper communication to parents, the congregation and to area-wide churches when appropriate. IV. Elder Staff Relationships A. He will work in cooperation with other staff ministers in planning and implementing the total Fairview Road work. This will include such things as the following: 1. Development of short and long-range goals. 2. Organization, administration, and evaluation. 3. Communication with staff ministers about matters of interest and concern. 4. He will work with other staff ministers and the Youth Leadership Team in proposing to the elders possible themes and speakers for internal and external youth events. 5. Preaching as requested. B. He will work in cooperation with and under the oversight and direction of the elders. This includes the following specifics: 1. He will serve as a liaison to the elders for the purpose of monitoring and tracking the Youth Group's progress and status in order to achieve immediate and long-range goals in conjunction with the Youth Leadership Team. 2. He will provide input to the elders as necessary on needs of members of which they need to be aware or provide assistance. 3. He will submit a written 1-2 page monthly report to the elders covering: a) what he accomplished in the reporting period, b) what he plans to accomplish in the next reporting period, c) where he needs assistance from the elders or other ministers. C. He will work cooperatively with other staff, the elders and the Youth Leadership Team in an environment where the best available resource from each group is utilized in accomplishing a goal, resolving a problem, or helping to determine a course of action. 1. For example, other staff ministers and the Youth Leadership Team will continue to teach, counsel, work with parents of youth of all ages, participate in planning, execution, and evaluation of activities, etc. V. Miscellaneous A. Maintain conduct at all times which is becoming a Christian leader and which takes into consideration the potential effects upon youth. B. Manage personal time in order to achieve a proper balance of emphasis upon family relationships, work responsibilities, devotion and study time, and fellowship and recreation. C. Address any other needs as necessary to insure the attainment of congregational goals. D. Other terms of employment are set forth in the congregation's most recent version of the Policy and Procedure Manual. Qualifications: His philosophy should include a view of Christian education as involving the total life experience. This includes the classroom, church activities, school, family, and personal life. The minister must have a comprehensive view of Christian growth and seek to minister in each of these areas as needs suggest and opportunity allows. B. His philosophy should be family oriented. As possible, he should seek to minister to teens by assisting them and their parents in family growth and involvement. The youth program is neither intended nor designed to substitute for the family, but to assist and promote the Christian family. C. His philosophy should be built around a concern for the lost. His emphasis must be upon working toward the salvation and growth of our teens and toward an enthusiastic outreach to win the lost. This should be viewed as the primary thrust of our entire mission as individuals and as a congregation. D. His philosophy should be the development of a Youth Group that is integrated into the entire church family, avoiding an isolated Youth Group who's interest, allegiance, and participation involves only the youth segment of the church. Our youthful Christians are not just the "church of tomorrow" but are in fact, a vital part of the "church of today"!

Application Instructions: Respond to Dee Vanderburg, Elder via email ( with resume, references and cover letter.

Street Address: 201 S Fairview Road
City: Columbia
State: MO
Zip Code: 65203-1167
Phone Number: 573-445-2213
Contact Name: Dee Vanderburg
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