Churches Partner With OC

Ways we can partner to make a difference in the future of the Church

  • Send your congregation's email address to We will regularly provide you good news from churches and keep you informed about services OC will provide. Email is much less expensive than regular mail. Please also send us the name of your preacher and youth minister along with their email addresses so we can send them the information and update them about our services. Please do this today.
  • Share with us information about specific programs your congregation has used for outreach in your community. Send this information by mail or email so we can share your good news about such things as evangelistic efforts, services you have provided the community, ways you have increased fellowship among your members, youth activities, how you have utilized older people, what you have done to start Bible studies, how you have reached out to those who have fallen away, ways you have done benevolence, or how you have trained people for good works. Be sure to include with this information the results you have had from such activities. Send a picture of this activity if you have one. Sharing your success stories with thousands of others through a website for this purpose will help other churches find good ways they can serve and will encourage your members as others use their example. Send this information to
  • Send us information on your young men who are interested in preaching. By mail or email, send the name, email address mailing address and year in school of each young man in your congregation who could become a preacher. We will inform and encourage them through a website community we are developing for potential preachers and in other ways as well. Send names to
  • Send to the Church Resources office at the OC address below a copy of your church directory (with email addresses if possible). We can then notify your members about our new website with information about the good things going on in churches. This site will not only share with your members useful information about good things other congregations are doing, but will also encourage your members about the progress being made in the church as a whole.
  • Invite a Bible faculty member to conduct a seminar on church work for the congregations in your area. We have men who can help congregations be more effective in local evangelism, church leadership, church finances and Bible class teaching. You provide a place for the sessions, help advertise the event among churches in your area and provide hospitality for those who come. Oklahoma Christian will provide the speaker and his expenses and help advertise the event. We have done this already in many places with excellent results. Call the Church Resources office at 405-425-5141 to discuss having such a seminar.
  • Use the OC Speaker's Bureau. When you need a faculty/staff member from OC to preach for you or to speak on some special occasion, contact the Church Resources office at or at 405-425-5141. We have people, for example, who can do seminars for you on marriage, parenting, finances and other topics that will serve and engage your community.
  • Attend our OC Lectureship program on October 6-8, 2013.  We had an excellent turn out this year and hope you will make plans to attend next year.  More information to follow after the first of the year.