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Name: Rob

Telephone: 865-414-8518
Ministry Profile: 32+ yrs. of ministry experience in youth, family, campus & pulpit roles. Included in this time period is 10 yrs of secular work and also 3 yrs. of childcare in a residential facility. Current pursuits are licensure as a chemical dependency counselor and a masters degree in counseling. Due to these pursuits, my interests have changed somewhat and I seek to be a member of a ministry team which will allow me to utilize what I have done with what I am currently doing. Some areas of interest are: bridging the gap between God's people and the community, working more closely with people in a personal way regarding a deeper spirituality and transformation, working to rescue hearts and souls from those things which prevent God's presence and power from being known and seen in His people. I actually seek to relocate to the Dallas area to be near kids and grandkids. If there is some congruency in what you seek and what I seek, I would be interested in speaking with you.