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Name: Steve Cordle

Telephone: (386) 688-3272
Ministry Profile: We would like to work with a congregation in the southeast that has elders, but will consider one without them and/or in other areas. I have seventeen years full time preaching experience, plus fill in work I did while a house parent in Tipton, Oklahoma (2010-2012) for a total of 19 years. My wife and I are the proud parents of an infant daughter. In Live Oak we have had 4 baptisms this year in a congregation of about 70 people and have a positive community reputation through a big relief effort we did last year in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Debbie. I had a successful ministry in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada (1998-2005) where I baptized 32 people and had a hand in at least 7 more souls being baptized into Christ. Then, for five years I served as the pulpit minister for the Lamar church of Christ in Lamar, Colorado. Over the last year and a half of preaching there I conducted 11 studies with non-Christians resulting in 7 baptisms. We used concepts such as Blitz Visitation in 2005 that encouraged church leaders to better get to know the members. The education program in Lamar was greatly improved by hosting a teacher training workshop from Bear Valley Bible Institute. I also served churches in Indiana and California where growth was also experienced.