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Name: Ted Simons

Telephone: 405-509-0100
Ministry Profile: I graduated from Oklahoma Christian University in December 2006 with my Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry. During my time at OC I did internships in Kentucky (church of about 400), Maine (church of about 50) and Oklahoma (church of about 1000). I spent some time in 2008 teaching English in South Korea to elementary students. After returning to Oklahoma in 2009, I met my wife and we were married in 2011. Since then we both have been pursuing our passion: an opportunity to serve young people and help bring them to Christ. We believe that this is accomplished with a holistic approach - that is, one that focuses on the youth, the family, church and community. We also strongly believe in teaching youth not just for the experiences during their adolescent years, but helping them develop tools to strengthen their lives after high school also. Currently I work at an office coordinating efforts between the sales team and the home office. The best way to reach me would either be by email (anytime) or by cell phone (405-509-0100) between 11:30-1pm or after 5pm.

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